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Get to know   Nicole + Megan

Shameless Food is the embodiment of people who believe that food is more than sustenance, and the word “sandwich” is a verb, first and a noun second. Shameless is a female-owned, unabashedly boisterous company that is rooted in its community, its sense of people and its sense of place.

We are hospitality industry addicts. We believe in our local vendors who provide fresh, honest produce & goods. We measure our success by guest loyalty and vendor relationships. We pride ourselves knowing the quality of our partners are what power any kitchen worth its weight in salt. We love our community and are more than indebted to the farmers, ranchers, servers, dishwashers, bartenders, chefs, cooks, and everyone in between who have given us the privilege to be able to eat, drink, and be merry in NWA for as long as we already have. We are ready to return the favor.



Megan, coming to us from Seminole, Oklahoma, found her love for the hospitality industry while working at Bill’s Pizza Pub in Oak Ridge, North Carolina. She then moved back to Arkansas for culinary school. Megan has worked for multiple local industry titans, and is using her experience to inform her leadership style at Shameless Food. Megan co-founded Shameless Food in order to once again spend time building relationships with the community members of NWA, and to provide quality, locally-sourced food to them. Megan’s favorite sandwich is “a meatloaf sandwich” but only if served by a Chris Farley lunch lady.



Hailing from well-known kitchens of New Orleans and the Louisiana Culinary Institute, Nicole has spanned the gambit of the hospitality industry. While in Austin, Texas, she worked with the nationally recognized group Ramen Tatsu-Ya crafting traditional Japanese ramen. She was recruited by a local hospitality group, and moved to NWA to share that craft and her passion. Nicole co-founded Shameless Food in order to promote her vision of local, meaningful, and creative food & how it translates into our daily life. Nicole has been in a sordid love affair with the croque madame ever since her visit to Cannes, France where she cooked at the Cannes Film Festival. (She realizes this sounds somewhat pretentious...)